CJJ Greater-Charlotte

Carolina Jews for Justice Greater-Charlotte chapter is based in Mecklenburg County. We'd love to organize with you! You can contact us directly by emailing Janet Ganoung.


CJJ-Greater Charlotte has spent the past six months focused heavily on the fight for housing justice in Mecklenburg County. We have become part of a small coalition working together to create solutions. There is no better time than now to try and move the needle on this critical issue, as last year’s election brought a big change in the make-up of City Council, adding several passionate, younger, open-minded individuals.

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The process we've used:

1.     Educate ourselves by inviting local housing experts and other organizations to speak at our monthly meetings (Started last Fall)

2.     Determine on which aspects we wanted to invest our efforts

3.     Align with like-minded groups with similar goals (Affordable Housing Committees from OneMECK and Stan Greenspon Center for Peace and Justice)

4.     Formulate 3 or 4 major potential solutions to present to city leaders, combining both short-term and long-term approaches:

5.     Meet with city leaders individually to present our solutions using a unified approach

6.     Attend City Council meetings and strategy sessions related to housing as well as Council sub-committee meetings to stay updated and be able morph our message so as to achieve greatest impact.

Although this is a long, arduous process, we are seeing that new City Council members are starting to become advocates of our suggestions. The next few months are critical, but we are feeling really encouraged that this campaign WILL effect a positive change.