CJJ will spend the Three Weeks of Mourning in prayer and action for the immigrants at our border. Check this page, along with our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, for educational materials and action updates.



July 22 - Love the Stranger as Yourself: Teach-in

Carolina Jews for Justice/West is sponsoring a Teach-In from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Sunday, July 22 (the Jewish observance of Tisha B'Av) to focus on the connections of this traditional time of mourning our own periods of expulsion and exile with our mourning and anger over the cruel separation of children from parents that is now taking place at the southern border of the United States.  

We will gather in the outdoor amphitheater at Congregation Beth HaTephila at the corner of Liberty and Broad Streets.  (In case of inclement weather, we will gather inside Dave Hall, adjacent to the amphitheater.) 

Speakers will include Rabbi Justin Goldstein of Congregation Beth Israel, Rev. Amy Cantrell and Ponkho Bermejo from BeLoved, and Rev. Mark Ward from the Asheville Unitarian-Universalist congregation.



We will hear about the connections to the historical Jewish experience as immigrants, hear first-hand about what is happening at the border, and share suggestions for how to advocate to our elected representatives for changes in federal policy. Come prepared with a pen to write a short postcard to our senators. We hope to have them delivered in person to Senator Tillis’ office by a group of Rabbis later in the summer.

Please join us and bring others from faith and advocacy groups. It will be an opportunity to learn together.

For more information contact cjjwest@carolinajewsforjustice.org

June 30 - Families Belong Together Rallies

CJJ joined demonstrations across the state to start our Three Weeks of Mourning campaign. We are commanded not only to have equal laws for ourselves and the immigrant, but also to Love the Stranger. 

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June 29 - Migration Is An Act of Hope, Not A Criminal Act
Read the full text of our Statement Here

In this moment, we are called to take action. Our histories are the stories of migrants, moving through the world seeking safety and building connection. Now is the moment when we use the safety we’ve built to create safety for others.

Migration is an act of hope, not a criminal act. But the Trump administration and Jeff Sessions are criminalizing migration, separating parents and children at the border, incarcerating families, and terrorizing communities here in North Carolina and the country through ICE raids, deportations and mass incarceration.

Enough is enough.

Carolina Jews for Justice joins with immigrant justice organizations throughout North Carolina and around the country to say that together, we must shut down the anti-immigrant and anti-refugee programs of Jeff Sessions and the Trump administration.